It’s a Party!

Our good friend, Brandy Lynn Maslowski, is having a book launch for her new book, Kristy’s Book!

If you’re in the area, please join her….

Cherry Tree Quilts
10105 Main Street
Summerland, BC…

10 Ways to Treat the ‘Mom’ in Your Life on Mother’s Day

So your mother – or maybe it’s your best friend, or even yourself – is a quilter. What special things can you do for her to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? We have ten great ideas for you to help …

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Displaying Your Quilts

10 Unique Ways to Show Off Your Projects

As quilters, we need to practice our trade, don’t we? That means we often have one, or two, or three – or even more – quilts around our house. We lay them …

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Mastering Metallic Threads

I’ve recently discovered metallic threads. Well, that’s not actually true. I’ve known about metallic threads for some time, and in fact I even have several spools of the shiny, liquid “angel hair” in my thread drawer – I’ve just never …

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Photographing Quilts – Getting the ‘Glamour’ Shot

You want to take a photo of your latest quilt project, so you have it for your ‘quilt album’. Or maybe you need a photo of your quilt to send in with your quilt show application. Or you are taking …

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Embossing Fabric

There are so many wonderful ways to use embossing on paper crafts – I’m sure you’ve tried it on your hand-made cards and scrapbook pages – but have you ever tried using embossing on fabric? Here is one great way …

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Tips on Ironing

It’s never too late to learn something new! Although we’ve all been ironing for years, and know many tricks when it comes to ironing quilt fabric and blocks, there’s always something you haven’t heard of yet. So have a look …

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Oh My Bleeding Quilt!

Has this ever happened to you?

You spend hours – more like days, weeks, or even months – choosing, cutting, ironing and sewing fabric to make a quilt, and the first time you wash your beautiful piece of work, one …

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