A Quick Easter Project

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Here’s a cute way to decorate your table for Easter this year – Fabric Easter Eggs!
These Easter eggs are easy to make, can be made from any fabric you have available (make them in the traditional Easter colours or match them to your decor). They’re so easy to make, you can whip up a basket-full in no time!


– fabric scraps
– matching thread
– polyester stuffing
– water soluble marker

1. Print egg template and make multiple copies in various sizes.
2. Trace template onto fabric using water soluble marker. You will need 4 pattern pieces per egg. Template includes a ¼” seam allowance. Mark dots on top and bottom of each fabric pattern piece.
3. Cut out fabric pattern pieces.
4. With tops and side of egg pattern pieces aligned, stitch 2 pattern pieces together, starting and finishing at dots and backstitching at top and bottom. Repeat with the remaining two pattern pieces.
5. Turn one fabric pair right side out and place inside other fabric pair, matching seams at top and bottom. Sew the two pairs together, leaving a small opening at one side, and backstitching at beginning and end.
6. Snip or trim seam allowance to ease fabric, taking care not to snip the seam itself.
7. Turn egg right side out.
8. Stuff the egg firmly with polyester stuffing.
9. Hand-stitch opening to finish.