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Vancouver’s Textile Recycling Initiatives

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In Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, about 20,000 metric tons of textiles are thrown into local landfills each year. That is 20 million kilograms of clothing, fabric and other textiles that could be re-used, but instead it’s all going straight into …

Tips for a Beautiful Bargello

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I love Bargello quilts. The movement and play are delightful, and the pattern just pops when you use the right fabrics. If you have never made a Bargello quilt before, here are ten tips to help you succeed.

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Quilt On – But Be Arthritis Aware!

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Did you know September is national Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada? Over five million people in Canada have been diagnosed with arthritis, and two of every three diagnosed are women! Those living with the disease face a life of daily …

Bring the Indoors Out

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How to Utilize Quilts in Your Outdoor Space

Have you seen outdoor furniture lately? More and more, it looks like you have simply carried your sofa out the back door to the patio. I’m amazed at the options available for …

Ten Great Books for Quilters

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When you have a lot of time on your hands (or hand, as in my case) a good book is better than gold. And since I have had a fair bit of time to read these past few weeks after …

Correct Link

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Hey everyone! In the Summer 2018 issue (Issue #36) we provided you with an incorrect link to Laura Coia’s (Show Me How) video on Faux Flange Binding.

The correct link is:

Make sure to check it out, as well …

It might just become a(nother) new hobby…

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While I was living in Victoria, BC, I fell in love. You will be relieved to know that I did not cheat on my husband. It wasn’t even another man that captured my heart. Rather, I fell head over heels …

Going Green in your Sewing Room

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It’s coming up to St. Patrick’s Day, and I keep thinking of the word ‘green’. However, I’m not thinking of green as a colour, but rather as a verb – as in ‘going green’. More and more, people are becoming …

Stabilizer Basics

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Our February Loose Threads project uses stabilizer to create the machine stitched heart design. Why? If you’ve ever tried to do any decorative stitching on a single layer of fabric before, you may have noticed your fabric puckered and looked …