Don’t you just love dog pics!

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We received an email from a reader today, asking about the dog that was pictured on a quilt in our Summer 2013 issue. The reader wanted to know what kind of a dog it was.

Well, I had to do a bit of research. First off, that photo was taken in 2013 – a long time ago in the magazine world! And second, I wasn’t actually there for that part of the photo shoot, and the dog showing up in the photo was a bit of a (pleasant) surprise to me. It was the photographer’s idea to add the dog, and I think the dog loved the idea of being a model – who wouldn’t love laying around on a bed on a comfy quilt? It worked, all around, for sure!

So I found out a little more about the dog-model. His name is Mingus (Mingy for short). Turns out Mingy is famous, and even has his own Instagram page, with photos of his daily romps around Vancouver, BC.

I think Mingus truly is an adorable dog! You can see more photos of him here:

So glad he’s not demanding royalties. Though I think we could offer him a biscuit or two if he insists…