Helping the victims of Fort McMurray wildfires

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I have had my ear glued to the radio – tuned into CBC – for the past 24 hours, listening with shock and horror and sadness at the total devastation that is happening right this moment in Fort McMurray, Alberta. I am beyond words at this point, and have had moments of tears as I hear the terrifying stories of the some 60-80,000 residents being evacuated. I can only imagine the fear – as thick as the smoke in the air.

This fire has hit close to home – a dear friend lives in Fort McMurray. I am relieved to hear that she and her family have been evacuated, and have made their way to a safe place north of the city.

Immediately, I want to do something to help, not just my friend Julie, but help all the residents of Fort McMurray.

As I spent some time this morning online, reading news releases and looking at the photos, I also visited Facebook, and noted that there is already a Facebook page created by a quilter who also wants to help.

Facebook – Quilts for Fort McMurray

Spread the word.

And if you live in the Vancouver, BC area, please note that Quilter’s Connection Magazine will be accepting donations of finished quilts for the victims of the wildfires. Please contact our office at 604-290-3454 or email me at if you are interested in donating a quilt.