Keep your Pet Safe in the Sewing Room

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There is a unique bond between a quilter and their pet. It must be that cats and dogs instinctively know quilters have big hearts, with plenty of room for a special relationship with a furry friend. We often go to extraordinary lengths for our pets, and take care to make our home a happy and safe zone for them. It should be no different in our sewing room.

Pets like to spend time with their owners, and so when we are in the quilting room, our pet will often visit. While we busily quilt away, we ignore our pet, and they can easily become bored. A bored pet is a potentially dangerous pet, and can do some serious damage to your equipment, or injury to themselves. Read on to learn some ways to make your quilting room safe for your pet.

Have a dedicated spot for your pet to sleep. Your pet likes to be close to you, so you may want to create a special quilt just for them, and place it on a chair or the floor near you where they can sleep, yet still feel like they are part of the action.

Puppies and kittens are particularly curious, but adult pets can be too. Keep your area clean and tidy. Put scrap fabric and threads in a garbage can with a tight fitting lid, so your pet will not ingest anything that could cause serious damage to their intestines. Many cats have died from eating thread.

Cats love high places, including ironing boards. Do not leave a hot iron unattended on the ironing board, or you may find yourself rushing kitty to the vet for burns, or calling the fire department after the iron hits the floor and ignites your carpet or drapes.

Keep sharp objects like pins, rotary cutters and scissors away from Tiger’s or Fido’s paws and mouths. When you’re not using your rotary cutter, close the safety catch. Store scissors in a case or drawer, and keep your pins in a pincushion or container with a lid. Regularly vacuum your floor, especially if you have carpeting, to pick up any dropped pins.

Neatly coil and tie all electrical cords, tape them to the floor or secure them to the wall behind the table. It’s easy for your pet to get tangled up in an electrical cord and pull your sewing machine off the table. Not only will you have to run your pet to the vet, but you’ll need to drop off your machine for repair too! And don’t forget that cats, especially kittens, like to chew everything in sight, including electrical cords! That’s another trip to the repair shop.

Pets hold a special place in our hearts, and we want them to remain safe and happy throughout their lives with us. Keeping your sewing room pet friendly and pet-safe will ensure a long and happy quilting relationship between you and your furry friend.