Quilting Ruler Storage Ideas

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I recently took stock of all the quilting rulers I have, and realized I will never live long enough to use them all! Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but I do have more than a few. And I’m sure there are many other quilters out there who are nodding their heads in understanding.

Of course we have to have the basic rulers that we need to start quilting. Then we’ll buy a ruler because it’s required for a class we’re taking, or a project we’re making – or a project we want to make. And at some point, we realize we’re buying a ruler because it just looks like it would be a fun ruler to play with!

Pretty soon, we have so many rulers we don’t know what to do with them all, or how to store them. They spill out of the drawers, fall off the shelves, and we trip over the sharp acrylic corners that stick out from under the spare bed.

As I work through designing my new office and sewing space, I’ve been looking online for storage ideas and inspiration. I thought I’d share some of my favourite ruler storage ideas with you.


Letter Rack from ilovefabric.com


A pretty framed pegboard found on Pinterest


Wooden Ruler Rack found on patchworkposse.com


Rule-It-All organizer at www.bbbriick.com


Wall mounted ruler holder on Etsy.com


Maximum use of space – add hooks to the back of your door!


Wall mounted magazine rack – this one from Ikea.com


Here’s a clever one – a belt or scarf hanger! Hide your rulers neatly in a closet! Seen on sewmanyways.blogspot.ca


Fun colours for the modern quilt room! hummingbird-highway.com

Do you have a great idea for storing quilt rulers?