Correct Link

Hey everyone! In the Summer 2018 issue (Issue #36) we provided you with an incorrect link to Laura Coia’s (Show Me How) video on Faux Flange Binding.

The correct link is:

Make sure to check it out, as well …

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Stabilizer Basics

Our February Loose Threads project uses stabilizer to create the machine stitched heart design. Why? If you’ve ever tried to do any decorative stitching on a single layer of fabric before, you may have noticed your fabric puckered and looked …

Quilting Ruler Storage Ideas

I recently took stock of all the quilting rulers I have, and realized I will never live long enough to use them all! Okay, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but I do have more than a few. And I’m …

Celebrating Our Sesquicentennial

Quilters are a proud lot – proud to be Canadian, eh! Over the past few months I have received numerous stories and photos from quilters across the country showing what quilters are doing to celebrate our country’s 150th birthday. I

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