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Welcome to Quilter's Connection Magazine

To thousands of quilters, we are the friend who welcomes you with a heartwarming story over a cup of tea. We show you the perfect pattern, teach you a new technique, help you find the best fabric, notions and supplies, and tell you about upcoming shows and festivals you won't want to miss.

We are a truly Canadian magazine - for quilters, by quilters.

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It might just become a(nother) new hobby…

While I was living in Victoria, BC, I fell in love. You will be relieved to know that I did not cheat on my husband. It wasn’t even another man that captured my heart. Rather, I fell head over heels with an elegant older woman who may have once lived in a beautiful medieval German […]

Lessons Learned at a Longarm Rental Session

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit a quilt shop in Victoria – The Cloth Castle – where the wonderful Natasha guided me through quilting my first top on the longarm quilting machine. I have to say, longarm quilting is not as easy as it looks! Or maybe it is for some, but it […]

Going Green in your Sewing Room

It’s coming up to St. Patrick’s Day, and I keep thinking of the word ‘green’. However, I’m not thinking of green as a colour, but rather as a verb – as in ‘going green’. More and more, people are becoming conscious of the environment and are looking for ways to contribute to a healthier earth. […]

Stabilizer Basics

Our February Loose Threads project uses stabilizer to create the machine stitched heart design. Why? If you’ve ever tried to do any decorative stitching on a single layer of fabric before, you may have noticed your fabric puckered and looked terrible. You likely gave up and decided never to do any decorative stitching again! No […]

Coming to Terms with your UFO’s

DEALING WITH UNFINISHED QUILTS I have a quilting friend who jokes about her QADD, or Quilt Attention Deficit Disorder. (Please note we do not wish to make light of those who live with the real version of ADD or ADHD.) It seems every time she begins a quilt project, she is distracted by the next […]

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