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Pressing Matters – A Steamy Topic

It’s a common debate among quilters – to steam or not to steam. Many quilters wax poetic of the wonderous results that a steam iron can have on a slightly mis-sewn block, or how a little added steam can create, or remove, a crease in your fabric. Others swear that you must never use steam […]

The Perils of Quilting (and more importantly, how to avoid them)

As a quilt magazine publisher, a member of a number of quilt guilds, and a friend of many quilters, I hear plenty of stories related to quilting injuries – bloody fingers, sutured wounds, broken toes, and more. Here’s one that came across my desk recently, from Becky Pilkington of Fresno, California: “Some time in my […]

Maximizing Your Retreat Time

Our friend Brandy Lynn Maslowski of Quilter on Fire has some great tips for maximizing your time spent at a retreat. You only have so much time at a retreat, and you’ll want to make sure you don’t waste a minute of it! Here are five tips for getting organized before you leave. 1. Get into your […]

Gift Quilt Labels: What THEY Need to Know

Christmas is a time for gift giving, and for quilters, that gift is often a hand-made quilt. Along with the gift of a quilt you may tell the recipient the story of how and why you made the quilt, and how to care for it. But in a year, or five or ten, will the […]

Vancouver’s Textile Recycling Initiatives

In Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, about 20,000 metric tons of textiles are thrown into local landfills each year. That is 20 million kilograms of clothing, fabric and other textiles that could be re-used, but instead it’s all going straight into the trash. This is a serious and growing issue, not just locally, but all across […]

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