Chicken Quilt Patterns | My 10 Favorites

I have done several chicken quilts in my life, each one somehow different from the other. There is one conclusion I have come to though; chicken quilts are extremely cute. As such, I have dedicated today’s post to talking about my favorite 10. I hope you enjoy it!

Cluck Cluck Sew Chickens Quilt

From the moment I saw this chicken quilt pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew, I loved it. It is so warm and homely that I could barely resist quilting it. The pattern includes three sizes (large, medium, and small) and requires very simple piecing techniques to put together. If you’re looking for something cozy yet easy to make, this is it!

Bee in my Bonnet’s Farm Girl Chicken Quilt

This fun quilt from Bee in my Bonnet is all things cute. I would say the most intriguing thing about this pattern is the fact that every featured chicken looks utterly different. It brings some kind of diversity I guess. If I was a chicken activist, I would appreciate the effort!

Quilty Love’s Chicken Quilt

Inspired by a sister’s love, this pattern from Quilty Love is warm and endearing. This quilt measures around 60in by 78in and is majorly made by free motion quilting. It is made of 54 quilt blocks; 9 rows and 6 columns. All things considered, it is the perfect gift for anyone who loves both chickens and quilts.

Burlap Blossom Pattern Baby Chick Quilt Block


If you love both babies and chicken, I am pretty sure you will love this quilt block from Burlap and Blossom Patterns. With its incorporation of a baby blue hue and white polka dots, it is utterly adorable. A single block measures 6.5 inches and is available for purchase on Etsy

Ulla’s Quilted Easter Chicken Pouches

Nothing quite depicts the versatility of quilts like these quilted pouches from Ulla’s Quilt World. They are both unique and extremely easy to make. For more authenticity, an Easter egg is placed inside each pouch.

Joe, June, and Mae Chickie Quilt Block Pattern


This chick pattern from Joe, June, and Mae is available in both 8” by 8” and 10” by 10” sizes. It also exists in both boy and girl versions, with the former sporting blue hues and the latter having pink elements. One thing is for sure though; both versions are cute!

Lori Miller’s Chicken and the Egg Quilt

This Iowa inspired quilt block pattern from Lori Miller Designs is simple and timeless. The chicken block measures 8” by 7” while the egg block measures 3” by 7”. It can be used as the primary pattern in a quilt or just a tiny section of it.

JAC Quilt Studio’s Reginald Rooster


I have never seen anything quite like this rooster quilt from JAC Quilt Studio. While it may look difficult, it is easy to make and comes with a lot of instructions and colorful illustrations. 

The Girls Chicken Quilted Table Runner Pattern


If you are thinking of making a table runner soon and are looking for a pretty pattern, you should get this one from Klee2Strings. With its black and white theme, this 11” by 29” design is modern, charming, and deeply endearing.

Kohatu Patterns Chicken Quilt


This quilt design from Kohatu Patterns has a statuesque vibe to it that I simply can’t explain. Measuring 12” by 12”, it comes in a set of two; one-right facing chicken and another left-facing one. 

So there you have it; these are my 10 favorite chicken quilt patterns! I hope they’ll inspire you

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