9 Stunning Barn Quilt Patterns | Sunflower, Patriotic and Modern

If there is one thing I love about today’s crafting scene, it is the variety available. I mean, even when it comes to quilting alone, there are several ways you can go. Not only can you create old school quilts but you can also go for a much more non-traditional choice; barn quilts. So to give you a little insight into your options, today we will talk a little bit about barn quilts.

What is a barn quilt?

Simply put, these are signboards and pieces of wood that are painted to look like quilt blocks. As such, they are usually placed outside barns, museums, schools, churches, and historical landmarks. 

What is the meaning behind barn quilts?

Historically, barn quilt patterns are designed to tell a story, honor a loved one, or highlight distinct trails. Usually, these trails are executed by school groups, civic groups, and quilt guilds.

How do you make a barn quilt?

While it may look complicated, creating a barn quilt pattern is not that tough. In fact, here is a step by step breakdown of how to make one:


  • Rollers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencils
  • Straight edge
  • Outdoor marine paint 
  • Pressure-treated plywood board
  • Sanding block / electric hand sander


  • Thoroughly sand down the plywood board
  • Paint one side with white marine paint. Make sure to use two coats
  • Measure and mark your chosen quilt pattern
  • If your barn quilt pattern is complicated, you may now have to tape off your edges
  • Paint out your pattern
  • After at least 24 hours, distress your board using a sanding block or an electric hand sander
  • Finally, you can stain over the entire pallet

9 Stunning Barn Quilt Patterns

Now that you have some basic understanding of barn quilts, here are some of the most beautiful patterns I have encountered in my time.

To make things easier for you, I have grouped them into 3 sets; sunflower, patriotic, and modern patterns. So here is the rundown:

Sunflower Barn Quilt Patterns

  1. Color Explosion
sunflower barn quilt
Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for something classic and effortlessly old school, you should consider this Paper Jam Color Explosion Sunflower Pattern. It employs a perfect mix of the colors green, yellow, and brown, neither underwhelming nor overwhelming the palette. Also, it is great for both the indoors and outdoors.

  1. Opquilt Sunflower 4a_block
Source: Opquilt.com

The major difference between this sunflower barn quilt pattern and the previous one is that its colors are much brighter. As such, this is the best pattern for those looking to make a bold statement with color and pizzazz. Clearly, the team over at Opquilt didn’t pull any punches when creating this stunning design.

  1. Erica’s Design Pieces Sunflower Block
Source: Etsy

This sunflower barn quilt pattern from Erica’s Design Pieces is as beautiful as it is easy to create. Measuring a mere 2 ft by 2 ft, it would be a great addition to the exterior of any barn, school, or museum.

Patriotic Barn Quilt Patterns

  1. Homeberries Patriotic Barn Quilt Pattern
Source: Etsy

There is nothing quite as satisfying as expressing your patriotism through art. As such, it is not surprising that there is a significant demand for high-quality patriotic barn quilt patterns. Fortunately, this is where this HomeberriesSVG pattern excels. By using colors primarily present in our national flag and even including some pretty conspicuous stars in its design, this pattern all but screams America. 

  1. Wenda Coburn Patriotic Barn Quilt Designs
Source: Etsy

If you’re looking for a highly detailed pattern, look no farther than Wenda Coburn’s design booklet. In it, you will not only find 5 patriotic barn quilt designs but also valuable information on how to effectively create your quilt. What’s more? You have two size options to choose from; 24” and 12” squares. And to top things off, the booklet comes with 20 star decals.

  1. Glowforge Simple Barn Quilt Designs
Source: Etsy

Suitable for use on plywood, MDF, and acrylic, this Glowforge Project design is quite cute. Apart from barn quilts, you can also use this pattern to create wall art. More importantly, it is designed for a variety of cutting machine types. Ultimately, using it is easy and always leads to superb results.

Modern Barn Quilt Patterns

  1. Lasercut Vectors Barn Quilt Designs
Source: Etsy

These digital designs from Lasercut Vectors are not only stunning but also easy to implement. After buying the copies, all you have to do is use a cutting machine to etch the patterns onto your wooden board and proceed to paint it accordingly. Ultimately, you will end up with edgy modern quilts that are sure to uplift both your barn and home.

  1. Welcome Home Custom Barn Quilt
Source: Etsy

Truth be told, patterns don’t get any more modern than these barn quilt designs from Welcome Home Custom. There are three designs in this set; each unique and breathtaking. To be honest, there is something very cozy about them, bringing warmth to wherever they are hanged. And don’t even get me started on how fast it is to cut them out. All things considered, these designs are a good addition to any quilt pattern collection.

  1. Crossings RHQ Barn Quilt Pattern
Source: Etsy

This 8-page pattern from Road Home Quilting can be used to create a 72” modern barn quilt block. Inspired by modern-day roadblocks, it is as beautiful as it is witty. It also helps that it is relatively easy to execute.

So there you have it; these are the 9 most stunning barn quilt patterns I have encountered so far. And if you loved those, then you should really check out my roundup of stained glass quilt patterns!

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